Leadership Lessons From A 30 Year Manufacturing Veteran, with Barry Keller, Ep #7

007 - Leadership Lessons From A 30 Year Manufacturing Veteran, with Barry Keller (1)
No matter how long you’ve been in leadership, it’s always refreshing to be offered leadership lessons from someone who is further down the road than you. This episode of The Development Exponent features Barry Keller, a manufacturing executive with over 30 years of leadership experience, 20 of that in the global bioscience industry. Barry’s approach to leadership is straightforward. You might even say uncomfortably direct. And Barry would like that description because it reflects one of the primary leadership lessons he shares on this episode. Set aside the time to listen. Barry is one of those veteran leaders who has many gems of wisdom to pass on. #Leadership lessons from a 30 year manufacturing veteran, with Barry Keller. #leaders #leader...
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How Most Work Life Balance Strategies Get It Entirely Wrong, Ep #6

TDE006 - work life balance strategies are all wrong (1)
If you do a quick Google search for “Work-Life Balance Strategies,” you’ll find suggestions from industry journals, universities, and even health organizations - not to mention your average entrepreneurial bloggers. It’s great that people want to resolve the tension they feel between their work life and the rest of life. But my friends, I respectfully submit to you that 99% of the people attempting to address the issue have it all wrong. This episode may push some buttons for you, and I hope it does. Why? Because I suspect that the work-life balance strategies you’ve tried to implement in your life are not working. I want to help you understand why that’s the case and what you can do about...
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Meaningful Work Matters, For You And For Your Team, with Scott Cramer, Ep #5

TDE005 - meaningful work matters - Scott Cramer (1)
There isn’t a person alive who would say that they aren't interested in doing meaningful work. But there are thousands who say that they don’t know what that looks like for them. My guest on this episode is COO of KL Engineering, Scott Cramer. Scott’s not only a successful business leader of a company that retains its team members long-term (a sign that the culture is healthy), he’s also the coach of a winning youth football team. Both of those say something about his effectiveness as a leader. I encourage you to listen carefully to the depth of the responses Scott shares as I ask him about what it takes to create mutually meaningful work engagements, what leaders can do...
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How Game Based Learning Can Accelerate Leadership Development, with Jennifer Javornik, Ep #4

TDE004 - Game Based Learning - Jennifer Javornik (1) (1)
Have you heard of the concept of “game based learning?” More importantly, have you considered how it might be used in leadership development? My guest on this episode of The Development Exponent is Jennifer Javornik, an outstanding leader in the team at Filament Games. Filament Games develops PC, mobile, VR, and AR games that enable organizations to amplify their training in ways that only games can. Be sure you take the time to listen. You’ll find yourself skeptical but also intrigued - and by the end, I trust you’ll see the value of game based learning for both kids and adults. How #game based learning can accelerate #LeadershipDevelopment, with Jennifer Javornik ( @Jnnjavornik ) of @FilamentGames. Listen to this episode...
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The Leadership Power of Positive Living, with Tina Hallis, Ep #3

TDE003 - positive living with Tina Hallis
Most leaders believe they are living and leading with positivity, but I wonder what those they are leading would say about them? Positive living is not about avoiding conflict or being an unrealistically optimistic person - it’s about taking control of your own thoughts and your own responses to the things that happen around you. Leaders need to be examples in this area because their positivity will wear off on those around them, enabling the entire team to rise to a new level of productivity and success. My guest on this episode is Tina Hallis. Tina is the founder of her own company, The Positive Edge. Her goal - birthed out of her own experience - is to help improve...
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