Leadership Growth Through Intentional Pauses with Rachael O’Meara, Ep #2

TDE002 - Leadership Growth - Rachael OMeara (1)
Leadership growth is not something that happens automatically. In fact, it’s one of the many things we leaders have to be extremely intentional about - for our own health and for the sake of those we lead. But few of us recognize the value of pausing, taking breaks to refuel or recharge. But I want to assure you, periodic breaks are vital to every leader’s growth. For this episode, I wanted to speak with someone who understands this need for a break and could communicate it clearly. I immediately thought of Rachael O’Meara. Rachael is a transformation leadership and executive coach as well as a vital member of the team at Google. Her book, “Pause” was named one of 2017's...
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Leadership Development Best Practices Every Week: The Development Exponent Podcast with Bruce Holoubek, Ep. #1

TDE001 - Leadership Development Best Practices (1)
Leadership development is a massive topic, one which I realize has been addressed from a number of perspectives over the years. So why have I thrown my hat into the ring as an “expert” in areas of leadership? Simple: The approach I’ve taken to leadership development over the years simply works - and it's based on an understanding of 3 interconnected topics. Those three topics are the basis for everything I’ll be speaking about on this podcast, so I’m using this inaugural episode to outline what they are, give a brief definition of each, and explain how I’m hoping to use this podcast as one aspect of a strategy to energize leadership and thereby enhance the lives of leaders, managers,...
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Summer Leadership Highlights

  The Contracted Leadership team spent a great portion of June and July impacting the world of work, promoting great leadership and creating mutually meaningful engagements. Contracted Leadership was a proud sponsor and Advisory Board member of the inaugural CutlureCon, held on June 6th-7th with over 350 attendees, 4 keynotes and over 20 break out sessions.  In addition, the Contracted Leadership team spoke to over 75 attendees at the International Public Management Association-HR Central Region on June 27th. Bruce Holoubek, President and Co-Founder, of Contracted Leadership shared insights on "Supporting a Culture of Promoting from Within" and "Creating Leadership Pathways" at both CultureCon and IPMA-HR Central Conference.   Key takeaways include: 1. To support a culture of promoting from within, it is...
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4 Proven Ways to Create Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements

In a day and age where the average employee stays at a job for less than 5 years, and when your younger employees may be thinking about their next career move 6-12 months after starting a new position, it’s important to realize that your employees just won’t stay at your business forever. Some employers may give up and feel discouraged, but don’t worry, there’s good news. Even if your employees are only staying at your organization for 2-5 years, they can provide an immense amount of value to the company if you know how to inspire them to do their greatest work. Often, this happens when employees feel valued and when they feel like they are providing as much value...
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4 Ways to Monitor, Control, and Modify Processes and Systems with Ease

As you’re building your company, you already know that it’s important to amp up your procedures, processes, and systems. But once you have these procedures, processes, and systems in place, how do you audit them and modify them, as necessary? You want to make sure that you have a system in place for that, too, so that it doesn’t become a company-wide headache or create additional issues from being outdated. To give you a bit of a head start, we’ve compiled our top four tried-and-true ways to monitor, control, and modify your business’ processes and systems with ease. 1. Continually look for ways to make your system foolproof. One way to make sure that your procedures, processes, and systems are...
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