Your Personal Leadership Transformation: The First Steps with Miri Rodriguez, Ep #12

What do you think of when you read this term: “Leadership transformation?” Does your mind immediately go to being the tip of the spear when it comes to instigating a powerful transformation in your organization? If so, stop for a minute. Understand that cannot happen unless you - the leader - first undergoes a transformation of your own. Miri Rodriguez is a Microsoft Storyteller, a unique role that communicates the empathetic stories of real people who are going through real things within the Microsoft team. She has a unique insight into how transformation happens - in organizations and individuals. In this episode, Miri shares her own journey of personal transformation as a leader. It illustrates how every leader needs to...
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Leveraging Leadership Disruption To Create Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements, with Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek, Ep #11

Leveraging Leadership Disruption To Create Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements (1)
Leadership disruption. If there is anyone I’ve come to respect when it comes to the topic, it’s my guest today. Coreyene Woodman-Holoubek is not only an amazingly accomplished and skilled Human Resources professional she’s also a leading voice on the topic of disruption. I’m honored to call her my wife. On this episode, you’re going to learn what I’ve known for a long time - Coreyne is a smart lady who thinks way outside the box. Her insights into why positive disruption is with us to stay, what it can accomplish, and why it’s important for leaders to embrace it are inspirational. I invite you to listen. What does it mean to be disruptive? Disruption is breaking with the status...
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A Thought Leadership Strategy That Goes Against The Grain, Ep #10

It’s amazing how words and phrases become popularized and used until they are almost useless. The phrase “thought leadership” is a great example. These days, people seem obsessed with building strategies around thought leadership. But they are doing so without a true understanding of what it is. Thought leadership is not about having innovative or original ideas in your niche or industry. It’s about helping to lead other people’s thoughts. This episode is a quick encapsulation of my thoughts on thought leadership strategy. I hope it helps you clarify what thought leadership is, how you should be pursuing it, and especially, how it informs the way you lead the emerging leaders around you. What is thought leadership? As I mentioned...
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Does Your Leadership Philosophy Make You A Leader Worth Following? – with Donna Moreland, Ep #9

TDE009 - Does Your Leadership Philosophy Make You A Leader Worth Following (1)
Every leader lives out their leadership philosophy, whether they know it or not. We'd all be much better off if we are intentional about it than being guilty of stumbling into it. I want to invite you to hear this conversation with a woman who is the epitome of intentionality when it comes to how she leads. My guest on this episode is Donna Moreland. Donna is a highly accomplished leader who has a load of credentials I could list for you, but suffice it to say that I’ve been very impressed with her, not only because of her credentials but because of the person she is. Donna brings integrity and a desire to serve to everything she does, in...
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Employee Loyalty Or Leadership Loyalty? What’s The REAL Issue?, Ep #8

Employee Loyalty or leadership loyalty - episode 8 (1)
Employee loyalty is a hot topic these days. A quick Google search I did for the term “workplace loyalty” resulted in over 300 million results. But when filtered by the terms “employee loyalty” and “leadership loyalty,” over 75% of the results showed that people are searching for solutions to the issue of employee loyalty to the organization. But is that the real place of concern? I believe that each of us as leaders need to rethink our working definition of “employee loyalty.” And I use that phrase “working definition” very specifically. Listen to hear how my experience as a leadership development contractor has changed my view of both employee loyalty and leadership loyalty - and to discover what you can...
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