Strength Comes Through The Struggle with John Schneider, Ep #73

We all learn, in our own particular ways, that life is no walk in the park. Crisis, hardship, loss, and myriad other circumstances chip away at youthful optimism and threaten to undo us. But it’s our response to these things that largely determines whether we will be resilient and strong, or cowering and soft. As a top decision-maker in your organization, you know this. It’s one of the many things that has set you apart as a leader. My guest on this episode has a great deal to say about the subject. He’s experienced plenty of struggle in his life and he believes that the more struggle you have in life, the more opportunity you have for becoming strong. John...
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The Value of Unplugging, with Jim McNulty, Ep #72

When you hear about someone needing to unplug, you likely picture someone frazzled and on the edge of a burn-out. We can all relate to similar feelings of overwhelm; it seems almost inevitable. However, that outcome could have been different if the person had proactively taken the time to refresh before getting to that point. Jim McNulty, Sr. Vice President of Business Banking, doesn’t only understand the previous truth, he’s done something about it. During this conversation, we discuss his experience taking a ten-week sabbatical and his journey to that decision. As I spoke with Jim, I came to understand his heart for people. Throughout our discussion, he kept coming back to that. His hiring process, the way he operates,...
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Souls Before Sales, with Tim O’Brien, Ep #71

The building of any organization requires an inordinate amount of enthusiasm for what you’re building and why you’re doing it, certainly more than the average person possesses. That’s why good leadership is at such a premium — it’s unusual for that kind of passion to exist in an individual, much less to exist in a way that is sustainable over the long haul. Tim O’Brien is a leader who oozes passion for what he’s doing and it’s all rooted in the realization that he has the opportunity every day to help others live a better life. His role as founder of The Healthy Place and other nutrition and health-related companies is the natural result of his pursuit of that desire....
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In Memoriam: Honoring the Memory of Chris Clarke-Epstein, Ep #70

There are many people who impact you deeply as you go through life, but only some who do so more deeply than you know at the time. Chris Clarke-Epstein is one of those people for me. Chris was a unique individual who possessed a movie-worthy personality and style. Her speaking prowess was the kind that captivated audiences before they knew what was happening. She was a chameleon of conversation, artfully adapting the way she interacted with individuals to enable a connection based on who they were and what they had experienced. Though she is best known for her storytelling and speaking she was also able to get right to the point, but in a way that made the person she...
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Living The Example In Leadership And Service, with Peter Schravemade (part 2), Ep #69

Any leader in any organization has to be mindful of the example they set. What you model will be a good example or a bad example for distinct groups of people: those you lead, those you serve, those with whom you are in a close relationship, and those who observe your life from a distance. This undeniable reality is an aspect of leadership that seems to fall off the radar for many senior leaders. Position and success somehow obscure the need for humble modeling and are sometimes replaced by a sense of entitlement or superiority. Peter Schravemade is a leader who has not lost touch with the impact his example invariably has on others. Though he’s ultra-busy in his role...
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