Why Your Strategic Planning Framework Should Foster Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements with Michelle Neujahr, Ep #58

There are many strategic planning frameworks out there, but how many of them have as a key component, an emphasis on building mutually meaningful work engagements? From my point of view, this is an oft missing but vital piece of the planning that organizations of any size should be doing. What does it matter if the strategic planning framework you choose is the latest and greatest but your team members don’t feel it provides a way for them to be actively and enthusiastically involved in its implementation? My guest on this episode is a business consultant who has found her sweet spot in helping businesses work out strategic plans that not only help the company refine its vision for what...
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Supporting Mental Health Through Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements, with Michelle E. Dickinson, Ep #57

The United States is unique in many ways, but interestingly, one of those ways is that it is a bit behind when it comes to supporting mental health through the workplace. I speak often about the importance of creating mutually meaningful work engagements and there is no better context for that discussion than that of brain health. My guest on this episode is Michelle E Dickinson. She’s a mental health advocate who has walked a path through what she calls a “mental health trifecta” that has guided her to a place of support, encouragement, and training for those interested in making the workplace a more supportive place for those struggling with mental health issues. Sadly, mental health still carries a...
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Serving Communities By Developing Nonprofit Leadership with Valerie F. Leonard, Ep #56

Nonprofit leadership is something I admittedly have less experience with than I do with leadership in other contexts. But I think we all recognize that being a leader of a nonprofit carries with it a unique set of leadership challenges. Thinking through the needs of the nonprofit sector, I can think of no area where the need for dynamic and effective leaders is more pressing. I believe there may be no greater place for leaders to have an impact than in these organizations that serve the communities where people raise families and make their homes. My guest on this episode is Valerie F. Leonard. Valerie is the Founder of Nonprofit Utopia, a training and leadership development organization focused exclusively on...
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How Innovators Can Create Meaning At Work And In The World, with April Shprintz, Ep #55

Innovators are not the people we typically think of when we imagine those who create meaning and purpose in the workplace. Innovators are the ones on the edge, the ones coming up with great ideas and solutions to real-world problems, the ones pioneering discoveries and technologies that advance or disrupt entire industries. But the best innovators are the ones who not only create meaning but who have a deeper sense of purpose and human good in mind from the start. My guest on this episode is April Shprintz, a high-energy woman who comes alongside those who are already moving in the direction of their dreams but desire to reach them faster. She specializes in accelerating the growth of those dreams...
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Body Language For Leaders, with Scott Rouse, Ep #54

When it comes to being an effective leader and developer of other leaders, there are no better skills to learn than those centering around body language - you could say this post is about “body language for leaders.” It’s a powerful skill set that can be used to bring greater clarity to conversations, to gain deeper insight into people, and to make work mutually meaningful in all kinds of ways. My guest on this episode is Scott Rouse, a leading expert in body language and non-verbal communication. Scott’s skills in this area were honed through a path of intentional education about the things that make non-verbal communication so powerful - both positively and negatively.  Keep reading to learn more about...
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