How Corporate Learning and Development Can Impact Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements, with Christopher Lind, Ep #53

Those who work in the field of corporate learning and development are uniquely positioned to add tremendously to both the culture and the efficiency of a company. Theirs is a role that equips and facilitates skill development for everyone on the team. When done right, it’s a role that can greatly enhance the mutually meaningful work engagements within the business. My guest today is a corporate learning and development professional. Christopher Lind is head of Global Digital Learning at GE Healthcare. He is accountable for the digital transformation of learning and talent development GE Healthcare’s global commercial and marketing teams. His experience and his education make him the perfect guest to speak about the power of mutually meaningful work engagements...
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The Fundamentals Of Leadership with Scott Carley, Ep #52

Good leadership - and the development of leadership skills in others - is predicated on fundamentals that are vital to the role. These basics are things we hear mentioned often but if we are honest, few of us have mastered them to the point that they bring clarity and focus to our leadership and lives. What are these fundamentals? Goal setting, prioritization, and action. Keep reading to find out how to put these fundamentals to work as a leader and as one who develops leaders. My guest on this episode, Scott Carley, is known in the leadership and business consulting arena as “The Change Energizer.” He likes to focus people on the energy and possibilities that flow out of these...
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Self Leadership Before Leadership Of Others, with Derek Deprey, Ep #50

TDE050 - Self leadership before leadership of others - guest Derek Deprey (2)
Most of us are not as familiar with the term “self leadership” as we are with the idea of leadership in general. That’s because we typically think of leadership as something we do that is directed toward others, be they followers or emerging leaders. My guest for this episode of the podcast has literally written a book on the concept - and it’s a topic that I think you’re going to resonate with. Why? Because a commitment to personal growth and development is what’s behind the concept of self leadership and I know that my podcast listeners are people who are very interested in that topic. Join me as I speak with Derek Deprey - a husband, father, and the...
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Your Road Map To Upcoming Solo Episodes, Episode 49

After our recent programming pause, I stated we would begin including more solo episodes. This week I am providing a road map for how we will deliver those to you in three sequential parts.  What is a Mutually Meaningful Work Engagement (MMWE)?Why is creating Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements (MMWEs) important?How do you develop leaders to create Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements (MMWEs)? The WHAT In this first part we will take a much more detailed look at what MMWEs are so that you will have a keener understanding of how the pieces interconnect with each other. We will be addressing what MMWEs mean from the perspectives of the employee, the employee’s leader, and the organization. I expect one episode being dedicated...
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Servant Leadership Theory That Isn’t Theoretical with Jim Britt, Ep #48

Servant Leadership theory is a concept that became wildly popular for a time after the publication of Robert Greenleaf’s 1970 essay entitled, “The Servant As Leader.” But while intriguing, the theory can be empty without a flesh and blood example, so I’m tremendously thankful that on this episode of the podcast I get to introduce you to a man who embodies the concept. Jim Britt is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, where he has been part of the team since 2010. He’s also served on the teams of other influential organizations such as Ensynch, ConocoPhillips, and Motorola. Jim’s life and leadership lessons are those that come from being in the trenches. He's the kind of guy who does the...
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