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Leadership, Balance, and Lifetime Learning with Brianna Rooney | Episode 47

What drew me immediately to Brianna Rooney, CEO of and the Millionaire Recruiter, was her ability to develop a thriving business, get results from her matchmaking system for recruiters, and still make family an absolute priority. Her team’s approach to the highly competitive field of recruiting is unlike what I’ve seen with most recruiters -- right down to her...
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Comparison, Competition, and Changing the World with Jeff Gargas | Episode 46

With a new book being released and a flourishing business that delivers game-changing tools, strategies, and systems for teachers all over the globe, Jeff Gargas, the COO of the Teach Better Team seemed like a great fit for our podcast. I wanted to explore the parallels of what’s working for educators and what’s needed to help emerging leaders develop mutually...
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45 - Leading Insights on Introverts for Leaders (1)

Leading Insights on Introverts for Leaders with Chelsey Brooke | Episode 45

When I sat down with professional counselor and coach Chelsey Brooke, I was impressed at her eloquence and expertise. She shared insights into the introverted mindsets and motivations that I believe can be the foundation for so many of us to become better, more mindful leaders. As Maya Angelou stated, “When you know better, you do better,” much of what...
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44 - Learning and Leading

Learning and Leading with Andy Rice | Episode 44

I recently sat down with former FCS quarterback and current Businessolver Outside Sales Consultant, Andy Rice. I was excited to learn that he’d be speaking at the upcoming Disrupt Milwaukee, an annual event I’m passionate about. Since the event theme this year is Being Human Centric in the Era of Digital Transformation, I was interested to get a “sneak peek”...
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Returning With Renewed Purpose – Episode 43

And… we’re back! A big thank you to all our listeners who were so supportive of our brief hiatus while we experienced significant business activity. We missed you and we’re thrilled to be back behind the microphone and eager to share.  Anytime you press pause on something it gives you an opportunity to have a new, fresh start. That’s what...
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