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TDE003 - positive living with Tina Hallis

The Leadership Power of Positive Living, with Tina Hallis, Ep #3

Most leaders believe they are living and leading with positivity, but I wonder what those they are leading would say about them? Positive living is not about avoiding conflict or being an unrealistically optimistic person - it’s about taking control of your own thoughts and your own responses to the things that happen around you. Leaders need to be examples...
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TDE002 - Leadership Growth - Rachael OMeara (1)

Leadership Growth Through Intentional Pauses with Rachael O’Meara, Ep #2

Leadership growth is not something that happens automatically. In fact, it’s one of the many things we leaders have to be extremely intentional about - for our own health and for the sake of those we lead. But few of us recognize the value of pausing, taking breaks to refuel or recharge. But I want to assure you, periodic breaks...
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TDE001 - Leadership Development Best Practices (1)

Leadership Development Best Practices Every Week: The Development Exponent Podcast with Bruce Holoubek, Ep. #1

Leadership development is a massive topic, one which I realize has been addressed from a number of perspectives over the years. So why have I thrown my hat into the ring as an “expert” in areas of leadership? Simple: The approach I’ve taken to leadership development over the years simply works - and it's based on an understanding of 3...
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