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TDE004 - Game Based Learning - Jennifer Javornik (1) (1)

How Game Based Learning Can Accelerate Leadership Development, with Jennifer Javornik, Ep #4

Have you heard of the concept of “game based learning?” More importantly, have you considered how it might be used in leadership development? My guest on this episode of The Development Exponent is Jennifer Javornik, an outstanding leader in the team at Filament Games. Filament Games develops PC, mobile, VR, and AR games that enable organizations to amplify their training...
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TDE003 - positive living with Tina Hallis

The Leadership Power of Positive Living, with Tina Hallis, Ep #3

Most leaders believe they are living and leading with positivity, but I wonder what those they are leading would say about them? Positive living is not about avoiding conflict or being an unrealistically optimistic person - it’s about taking control of your own thoughts and your own responses to the things that happen around you. Leaders need to be examples...
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TDE002 - Leadership Growth - Rachael OMeara (1)

Leadership Growth Through Intentional Pauses with Rachael O’Meara, Ep #2

Leadership growth is not something that happens automatically. In fact, it’s one of the many things we leaders have to be extremely intentional about - for our own health and for the sake of those we lead. But few of us recognize the value of pausing, taking breaks to refuel or recharge. But I want to assure you, periodic breaks...
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TDE001 - Leadership Development Best Practices (1)

Leadership Development Best Practices Every Week: The Development Exponent Podcast with Bruce Holoubek, Ep. #1

Leadership development is a massive topic, one which I realize has been addressed from a number of perspectives over the years. So why have I thrown my hat into the ring as an “expert” in areas of leadership? Simple: The approach I’ve taken to leadership development over the years simply works - and it's based on an understanding of 3...
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