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TDE009 - Does Your Leadership Philosophy Make You A Leader Worth Following (1)

Does Your Leadership Philosophy Make You A Leader Worth Following? – with Donna Moreland, Ep #9

Every leader lives out their leadership philosophy, whether they know it or not. We'd all be much better off if we are intentional about it than being guilty of stumbling into it. I want to invite you to hear this conversation with a woman who is the epitome of intentionality when it comes to how she leads. My guest on...
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Employee Loyalty or leadership loyalty - episode 8 (1)

Employee Loyalty Or Leadership Loyalty? What’s The REAL Issue?, Ep #8

Employee loyalty is a hot topic these days. A quick Google search I did for the term “workplace loyalty” resulted in over 300 million results. But when filtered by the terms “employee loyalty” and “leadership loyalty,” over 75% of the results showed that people are searching for solutions to the issue of employee loyalty to the organization. But is that...
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007 - Leadership Lessons From A 30 Year Manufacturing Veteran, with Barry Keller (1)

Leadership Lessons From A 30 Year Manufacturing Veteran, with Barry Keller, Ep #7

No matter how long you’ve been in leadership, it’s always refreshing to be offered leadership lessons from someone who is further down the road than you. This episode of The Development Exponent features Barry Keller, a manufacturing executive with over 30 years of leadership experience, 20 of that in the global bioscience industry. Barry’s approach to leadership is straightforward. You...
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TDE006 - work life balance strategies are all wrong (1)

How Most Work Life Balance Strategies Get It Entirely Wrong, Ep #6

If you do a quick Google search for “Work-Life Balance Strategies,” you’ll find suggestions from industry journals, universities, and even health organizations - not to mention your average entrepreneurial bloggers. It’s great that people want to resolve the tension they feel between their work life and the rest of life. But my friends, I respectfully submit to you that 99%...
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TDE005 - meaningful work matters - Scott Cramer (1)

Meaningful Work Matters, For You And For Your Team, with Scott Cramer, Ep #5

There isn’t a person alive who would say that they aren't interested in doing meaningful work. But there are thousands who say that they don’t know what that looks like for them. My guest on this episode is COO of KL Engineering, Scott Cramer. Scott’s not only a successful business leader of a company that retains its team members long-term...
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