The Development Exponent: A Leadership Perspective

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Unboxing Innovation: Create the Team to Innovate

Ryan, of Be The Match, and five of his peers were selected to participate in an out-of-the-box experiment called, The Innovation Lab. Sequestered away from the rest of the organization, the team was responsible for researching umbilical cord blood donation and seeing how it can help with blood marrow registry and research objectives. Ryan’s team was tasked with a problem--...
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Lessons on Connection from a CRM Founder, Ep #26

Live or die? Not too long ago our ability to survive directly correlated to our ability to develop relationships with our families and local tribes. In modern times-- and especially in business, our ability to develop relationships can mean the difference between thriving and losing out. We are biologically wired to be social creatures, and so it seems that building...
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The Machinery of Innovation with Roy Morejon, Ep #25

The Secret We have to admire the bravery of those entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. They put their life savings, mortgages, and reputations on the line for the chance to launch a winning idea or innovative product. In a sea of products and services, they see themselves as uniquely capable of serving the need. But, how do they feel sure that...
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The Burning Candle with Luke Perkerwicz, Ep #24

There’s a key success factor that all startup professionals, leaders, and founders share: they begin their professional journeys fueled by passion and purpose. That passion gets us through the toughest phases of initializing our plans. But, eventually we hit speed bumps: time passes, energy depletes, outside forces pull in different directions, personal relationships require attention, we fall out of touch,...
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The Easter Egg Hunt For Meaning, Ep #23

Our success as leaders is deeply connected to what kind of meanings we give to everyday events in our lives. Two people can observe the same event but take away two completely different experiences from it. In our biologically-driven urge for finding purpose and creating meaning, we can choose to attune ourselves to taking leadership lessons from situations that may...
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