The Development Exponent: A Leadership Perspective

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What Emerging Leaders Need From You

As we focus on being effective leaders we mostly approach leadership development from our own perspective. Coming from the angle of personal development, we ask how we can be better leaders today than we were yesterday. We defer to subject matter experts, consult coaches, and learn from other executives at leadership retreats and events. However, we don’t look often enough...
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Developing Through Distraction

Would you trust someone who doesn’t know how to use a steering wheel drive your car? It’s what we as executives and organizational leaders do when we promote workers to leadership roles who have no sense of personal purpose nor vision for a meaningful mission. The fault is not in bad hiring, but in a shifting culture that allows less...
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Creating Breakthroughs in Development

In his quest of exploring the relationships between leaders and the emerging leaders they develop Bruce Holoubek, owner of Contracted Leadership, and Host of The Development Exponent Podcast talks to Rani Mani and Jose Camacho of Adobe. Rani Mani is the head of Global Social Influencer Enablement and Employee Advocacy at Adobe. She is passionate about cultivating and nurturing communities...
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Making Changes Successfully

No matter what kind of development you are exposing yourself to there comes a moment when you need to decide if you're going to put your new ideas into action. When you're willing to change your current behavior thoughts and patterns, is when your learning takes on true value. However, change is a strange thing that affects each of us...
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Standing Ground on Continuous Improvement

As a leader you commit yourself to continuous improvement because you know that “good enough” doesn’t last. You work on self development so that you can be the leader who heralds needed changes in a way that preserves and elevates the integrity of your organization. It becomes inevitable that when you hold continuous improvement as a primary value, it is...
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