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When I reached out to Contracted Leadership™, I didn’t have a clear picture about what the end result would be because we were moving so fast and our needs were so great. We needed their assistance to quickly bring operations up to demand and build a culture of success. They seamlessly immersed themselves into the organization and as we worked together and our needs changed, their role changed to meet those needs.

Most consultants can’t see all of the moving pieces that make up an organization because they’re too far removed from the daily workings of the business, but with their metrics-driven approach and how they integrate themselves, Contracted Leadership™ can. Their approach makes their systems analysis and solutions that much stronger. The processes and systems they put in place were extremely valuable for us and we continue to use them to this day. I never felt as though they had any customers other than United; it always felt as though we were their top priority.

Today, we have nearly tripled our revenue from five years ago and we are building a new state-of-the-art facility. We are very grateful for Contracted Leadership™ and the role that they played in helping us achieve this success.

Rebecca Kerns

Managing Director, United Vaccines, Inc.

When you partner with Contracted Leadership™, you get results. With our metrics-driven approach, we ensure that the contracted leaders you bring into your company make your company thrive and grow.

We help you build an internal culture that values innovation and creativity, keeping you ahead of the competition and helping you retain happy, productive employees.

For more information on specific metrics that we have used with past clients, please contact us.

How We

When you hire an employee, the offer usually isn’t contingent on any specific results they’re expected to achieve during their tenure with the company.

When you bring in a contracted leader, everything’s different.

Because we subcontract with the leader who becomes part of your organization, and we are fulfilling a legally-binding contract with you, a contracted leader must fulfill the terms and conditions of their contract and bring measurable benefits to your organization.

This agreement provides our contracted leaders incentive to achieve the results that your company needs in the timeline originally agreed upon.

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