Organizational Development

Change Management Consulting Done Better

Looking to do the following for your organization?

  • Cultivate internal talent
  • Leverage employees’ skills and experience
  • Create internal teams so employees rise together and as individuals

We help your business build a customized training and professional development program that helps your company cultivate high-performing, internal leaders.

Our exclusive approach helps you build exciting leadership opportunities for the top talent in your organization, which, in turn, keeps them there.

The Contracted Leadership™ approach empowers and inspires your employees to support your new organizational development:

  • Build a customized training & professional development program
  • Cultivate your next high-performing internal leaders
  • Create exciting leadership opportunities for your top talent
  • Foster creativity, innovation, & continuing education
  • Plan your organization’s leadership succession

As change management consultants, we use tools like the following to create an organizational culture in which employees thrive and want to stay:

  • TAG PAD™ performance management
  • 360 feedback initiative
  • Wage and compensation systems
  • Xytefactor™ engagement survey
  • Appreciation and gratitude program
  • TAG recruitment and selection process

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