Contract Your Leadership

Addressing Leadership Voids & Gaps To Transform Your Organization


When Would I Engage Contracted Leadership™?

You’re a business executive who

  • Spends too much time putting out other people’s fires
  • Thinks “If only my leadership team could…” 
  • Wants to promote internally but no one’s ready to lead
  • Hired business consultants in the past, but didn’t see results


You’re a leader concerned about

  • High or Increasing Labor Turnover
  • Loss of Market Share
  • Diminishing returns on your organization’s efforts
  • Not having time or resources to develop people
  • Getting everybody marching to the same tune


What people say

Jason Evert

Vinyl Division Plant Manager
Weather Shield Manufacturing, Inc.

“Bruce has a high standard of quality, and he pays close attention to detail; you can tell he takes pride in his work. You can count on Bruce to get the job done right the first time while staying cool under pressure. He is persistent when going after something he believes in.”

Rebecca Kerns

Managing Director
United Vaccines

“We needed the assistance of Contracted Leadership™ to bring operations up to demand quickly and to build a culture of success. The processes and systems they put in place were extremely valuable for us and we continue to use them to this day. In the past five years, we have nearly tripled our revenue and are building a new state-of-the-art facility. We are very grateful for Contracted Leadership™ and the role they played in helping us achieve this success.”

Jacqui Sakowski

Immediate Past President
TEMPO Madison

“Coreyne is a bright, committed, involved professional who brings her whole self to the endeavors in which she is engaged. I recommend her for any work or assignment that involves a thoughtful consideration of a complex array of solutions or options. Her capacity for thinking clearly and articulating with clarity will make her an asset.”





Contracted Leadership™ has a history of providing companies with success.


What we’ll do


Contracted Leadership™ guides organizations through a variety of organizational development initiatives, whether the change is due to mergers, acquisitions, a leadership change, or simply dynamic organic growth.


Contrary to conventional thought, Human Resources is not a stagnant system; it is your business partner. Our approach will allow you to break out of your current HR rut and design an innovative program that fits your needs.


It’s our philosophy that processes and systems create positive habits within an organization when approached with the right strategy — out with the old and in with the new.

Let’s work together

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