Organizational Development

One of our key focuses is helping organizations develop and strengthen the internal culture of their company and serving as a change management consultant. We know that focusing on these elements is important because we’ve seen great businesses miss out on the opportunity to cultivate internal talent because those leading the organization either did not have time to focus on, or didn’t know how to leverage, their employees’ skills and experience. Fortunately, this situation is preventable. Contracted Leadership™ explores your employees’ full potential, embraces their value, and creates internal teams so employees rise together, and as individuals.

Contracted Leadership™ helps your business build a customized training and professional development program that helps your company cultivate high-performing, internal leaders. Our exclusive approach helps you build exciting leadership opportunities for the top talent in your organization, which, in turn, keeps them there. We also help you create strong employee engagement by ensuring that the organizational culture of the business encourages and fosters creativity, innovation, continuing education and career-enhancement opportunities, and initiatives to build a plan of succession. Part of this process includes identifying and developing new leaders internally with the potential to fill future key business positions in your company. The Contracted Leadership™ approach will empower and inspire your employees to support this new organizational development happening inside the business and will show your employees how it benefits everyone working there.

As a change management consultant, we use many different tools to create an organizational culture in which employees thrive and want to stay. These tools may include the following systems or programs:

● TAG PAD™ performance management
● 360 feedback initiative
● Wage and compensation systems
● Xytefactor™ engagement survey
● Appreciation and gratitude program
● TAG recruitment and selection process

Contact Contracted Leadership™ to learn more about how you can develop the best opportunities inside your business with organizational support for your top employees.

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