Human Resources

We are masters of Human Resources. Whether your objectives are building or restructuring an HR department, complying with current standards, or overhauling current HR policies and programs to meet future business and market demands, Contracted Leadership™ has the solution to fit the specific needs of your company.

The Human Resources group at Contracted Leadership™ is made up of experts in the HR profession, who fill all roles expected of an HR department. Led by Vice President Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek, our HR professionals provide creative solutions to your organization’s HR needs while still ensuring compliance with state and federal tax laws. This group has multiple years of experience with HR policy and program design, but they have also diversified their leadership by working at professional and managerial levels in other departments, including operations and finance. As such, the leaders in our HR group have a better cross-functional and more well-rounded understanding of an organization and are aware of how human resources affects all areas of your business.

Contracted Leadership™ can work closely with your current HR team, construct one from scratch, or we have the unique ability to customize specific solutions to overcome the roadblocks at your business, including those related to some specific higher-level HR tasks. We are confident that, with our integrative approach to interim management, that our team members will be able to help you streamline your HR processes and programs so that your business runs smoothly and your employees are happy and engaged.

A well-run Human Resources department provides your organization with the structure and ability needed to manage what we believe is your company’s most valuable resource — your employees. Contact us today to learn how, with our Madison WI HR services, we can assist your company boost its HR efforts.

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