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Bruce Holoubek and Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek founded Contracted Leadership™ in January 2012 to help companies and employees create mutually meaningful engagements by increasing employee engagement and organizational efficiency, but the concept was in place long before then. Our company is comprised of a collaborative of cross-functional, diversified leaders who are experts in a variety of fields, including human resources, operations, finance, and several others. These diversified leaders help organizations identify opportunities to increase their revenue, decrease losses, and keep employees highly engaged and productive in the workplace.

Contracted Leadership™ uses a metrics-driven approach to ensure that your organization achieves its goals and objectives. We partner with you anywhere from a few months to a few years, based on your unique needs, to help you develop your internal leaders, streamline your company’s processes and systems, and enhance employee productivity and engagement. In addition, we curate a team of professionals based upon your organization’s unique needs. This approach ensures that you have access to a wide breadth of experience and expertise, even if you only have one Contracted Leadership™ representative working within your organization. Because we work as a collective, you reap the benefits of our entire team of professionals.

Bruce Holoubek, President

Since graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology with emphases in Chemistry and Biology, Bruce has served as a manager or director in several organizations as an interim or contracted leader. His interim roles have included Manufacturing Supervisor, Safety and Training Manager, Director of Human Resources, Director of Field Operations, Director of Operations, and Director of Project Management. While working with these organizations full-time, Bruce extended his knowledge and expertise by earning his MBA from Cardinal Stritch University. This unique amalgamation of experience empowered Bruce to step into organizations, adapt quickly to a new organization and his role there, and help transform them even more powerfully.

Bruce is also an accomplished professional speaker and has presented at Disrupt Madison and at Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation Annual Gala, both in Madison, Wisconsin. He has spoken on topics ranging from shifting the culture of a business to inspiring communities to support humanitarian causes. Because Bruce has given presentations to a wide variety of audiences, including Boards of Directors for multimillion-dollar companies, he has the ability to tailor his message and presentation style to fit any situation.

Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek, Vice President

Throughout her career, Coreyne has focused on interpersonal relations. After earning her Bachelor’s in International Business and Spanish Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Coreyne moved to Europe to attend university in Brighton, England. Her appetite for learning about different cultures and vast international travel curated a genuine interest in how people can be happy in the workplace. Upon returning to the United States, Coreyne earned her Master’s in Personnel and Development, and Organizational Development. She then went on to work with a number of international businesses as a Human Resources Coordinator, Manager, or Specialist, focusing on employees’ engagement at work.

Coreyne specializes in developing programming solutions tied to business objectives to improve the quality of work life and organizational communication. Her experience in programming includes knowledge transfer and accelerated learning, performance management and engagement, international business processes, and human resource development. She is also the President and lead organizer of Disrupt Madison/Milwaukee, an annual conference based in Milwaukee and Madison that encourages organizations to shatter the conventional boundaries between work and other areas of life.

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