Through Contracted Leadership, The Apu Group becomes an embedded and successful advocate for your business goals. We learn about your organization from the inside out, allowing us to truly understand all that there is to know. We are able to reach whole teams of people in cross-functional areas. Through our innovative, proprietary Xyting Insight™ cognofile system, we focus on the strengths and competencies of those teams to make the organization higher-performing. Therefore, when we make recommendations we know that they will be sustainable far beyond our involvement because they are truly customized to you. This is where the rubber meets the road.

What Is It?

Contracted Leadership is when one or more of our team is placed in your organization for a period of time that you determine. Typically, the team member will take on a position that already exists in the organization but, it can also be a newly created position. Whatever the case, our arrangements include acquiring the permanent replacement if so elected. Look at The Apu Group as being an inside advocate and co-champion to your initiatives. Also, by using this approach you benefit from the brain trust and knowledge of all the professionals on our team. It’s how you can stack the deck. Your agenda becomes our agenda.

Who Does It?

Depending on your needs, we have team members with vast and professional-level leadership experience in the areas of Executive Leadership, Operations, Organizational Development, Human Resources, Quality Assurance and Control, Continuous Improvement, and more.

Where We Go?

Pretty much anywhere in the United States and some global locations.

Why Use This Approach?

There are many reasons why you and your organization may choose Contracted Leadership. Here are just a few:

  1. Leverage an inside advocate for your major initiatives
  2. Develop home-grown talent “not quite ready” for the next level
  3. Orchestrate a major increase in business activity
  4. Remedy high-labor turnover rates, either company-wide or departmentally
  5. Prepare for construction
How Is This Different?
Having a Contracted Leader allows your organization to smoothly execute transitions. Often times the person an organization needs to execute that transition with them will not be the same person that should remain in the position afterward.

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